Children smile more often, when they feel that their teeth are beautiful!

Children’s self-confidence is enhanced at school or when playing with friends when their teeth are healthy. It is our duty to provide them with an aesthetic and healthy smile. How will we succeed in that? The pediatric dentist is the specialist that will guide the child – exactly as the family doctor – at the critical age of 1 to 18 in order to achieve life lasting good dental hygiene. .
– Andreadis G. - Pediatric Dentist MScD

We focus on 3 principles:

The pediatric dentist aims for the child to obtain a positive attitude towards the dentist and the dental office and to learn the value of excellent oral hygiene.

  1. Prevention of dental problems; the aim is to apply a personalized dental prevention scheme according to the needs and the age of the child.
  2. Excellent dental treatment, provided by a dental team with up to date knowledge and skills.
  3. Care and love for all the children. Our first concern is your child to obtain a positive opinion for the dental treatment overall. All the staff cooperate harmoniously to achieve that aim.

What will happen on the first appointment?

Do not worry in advance

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The first appointment is dedicated to get acquainted with the pediatric dentist, with the office and for the first examination.

The pediatric dentist is specialized in dealing even with uncooperative children

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He and the office’s staff choose to work in a pediatric dental office because they love children and require all the appropriate skills needed.

The pediatric dentist will explain to the parents and children

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(using the correct words) the ways towards the best oral hygiene. The children are motivated to take responsibility in order to maintain a beautiful and healthy smile. The pediatric dentist is trained in order to treat even the most “difficult” and non cooperative children. He and the practice’s personnel have chosen to work in a pediatric dental practice because they love children and are patient and understanding with them