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For children, adolescents and people with disabilities.

For a start early

Sealants, proper toothbrushing, dental floss, fluoride treatment, diet advice, preventive orthodontics, safety at sports, avoiding bad oral habits, parents advice, mouthrinses.

The pediatric dentist’s aim is for the child to obtain a positive attitude towards the dentist and the dental office and to learn the value of excellent oral hygiene.
Do not worry in advance. The first appointment is dedicated to get acquainted with the pediatric dentist, with the office and to do the first examination. The pediatric dentist is specialized in dealing even with uncooperative children.
Children smile more often, when they feel that their teeth are healthy and beautiful. Their self-confidence is enhanced at school or when playing with friends. It is our duty to provide them with an aesthetic and healthy smile.
Παιδοδοντίατρος Θεσσαλονίκη - Βούτσισμα παιδιών


The pediatric dentist provides a specialized program of preventive dentistry and advice regarding …

The parents are going to help their children put into practice the special advice of oral care given by the pediatric dentist …


Treating medically compromised people or children with diminished physical or mental abilities is a challenge for the pediatric dentist …


from our pediatric dentist G. Andreadis

At the first appointment your child will meet the pediatric dentist, the staff, the dental office and the dental equipment. Then, we take a comprehensive medical and dental history followed by a full dental examination. The dentist will examine carefully: the teeth, the gums, the jaws and the oral mucosa, the occlusion. If necessary x-rays and fluoride treatment will be done.

At the first visit, the pediatric dentist will clean and polish the teeth of your child and will instruct the child how to brush his/her teeth properly.

Dr G. Andreadis will discuss all your questions. Especially, he will discuss the diet habits of your child and he will plan a personalized preventive dentistry program for the oral health of your child.